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The vision for Lights Out Training began in the Summer of 2022. It was apparent, their was a huge void in REAL TRAINING! The goal of Lights Out Training, is to help improve players skill sets that will translate to the game. REAL Basketball Training is about knowing what to do when you get into the gym to work on your game. Our program was created to help basketball players learn the vital skill sets to have success on the court. PLAYER DEVELOPMENT is the core of our mission, specifically working with a trainer that can help create an individualized player development workout plan, designed specifically to elevate your in-game performance. Our players will become more confident, using new skills they learn at our sessions in game situations, and they will also become motivated to learn, practice and apply even more advanced skills. We have an INCREDIBLE team of trainers, ready, able and excited to help advance your game! We hope to see you in a gym with us very soon.

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